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    • October 22, 2013 9:42:57 AM EDT
    • What to see at the Everything to Do with Sex Show 2013

      Sigh.... yet another year goes by and I did not get to opportunity to paruse this venue.  I can only live viacariously through someoneelses experience.  Did anyone else get a chance to snoop the show?  Andinteresting experiences?  Comedic tales?  Come on, you gotta know there'd be a lot of giggling going on (when a straight face was no longer possible).

      The Everything To Do With Sex Show is back this weekend at the Metro Convention Centre (South Building) for some sexy, naughty fun.

      Walking through the convention is a colourful descent into everything you'd expect from a sex show. There are multiple vendor booths set up to sell the latest in sex toys, accessories, costumes, books, DVDs, equipment and novelty gifts. The vendors are eager to chat when you ask them a question, and the unabashed and matter-of-fact way they talk about the best foreign object to insert up one's bum is definitely not for the prudish, but will make everybody else at ease.

      There are also non-sexual booths (with vague sexual connotations) scattered across the event — clip-on boot accessories, promotions for skydiving, hot sauce taste tests, as well as a catering company tucked away near the cafeteria which was offering free samples of beef carpaccio and scallops. They are next to the Food Dudes truck if you were looking for something more substantial to eat. If you want something more thematic (and justifiably so), penis-shaped chocolate popsicles and candied boobs are available at a few of the booths.

      The show is a well-coordinated event with multiple zones, and one major attraction going on at a time to move the crowd. The main stage features "mainstream" attractions like the lingerie, latex and leather fashion show, and burlesque performances, while the Kink Stage offers people with different levels of experience demos from Bondage 101 to using Violet Wands.

      The Erotic Art Area has models being body painted, and the Wellness Zone lets you be more hands on with tantra exercises and fitness pole-dancing. When you need a quick reprieve, the Seminar corner is a great spot to sit and rest while learning about ways to have bigger orgasms or how to give better oral sex. There are also massage chairs available, as well as an area filled with bean bags for you and a partner(s) to cuddle.

      The show has also brought with it many celebrity guests from the adult entertainment industry. They each have their own booths and appearance schedules, and are available for photos, merchandise and autographs. For anybody interested in BDSM, Sir Nik Satanas puts on a theatrical demonstration with his bevy of floggers and whips. Interestingly, he is located on the opposite side of the Kink Corner, which is a space dedicated to all things BDSM, and where there are at least one of the St. Andrew's Crosses in use.

      While some event-goers are dressed (or not, literally) for the occasion, most others are just every day people — young and old couples, gaggles of giggly girls (who dare each other to take the Sybian for a ride), and people by themselves. The guests do mingle in the crowd, so it's not surprising to walk into the path of shirtless firemen posing with one of the Sunshine girls, or a dominatrix with her sub on a leash in tow.

      For those interested in checking the show out, most vendors are cash only, but some do accept debit or credit. Be prepared so you don't have to pay transaction fees from the ATM outside, and definitely stick around till the end of Sunday for extra discounts when vendors are trying to clear their stock.

      Posted by Cynthia Yao / October 19, 2013

      I'm so going next year.

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