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    • March 2, 2013 9:57:36 AM EST
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      As I posted the above list I removed two clubs right off the top. . . Club Eros and Club Abstract. . . Anyone remember those????


      Club Eros was owned by a couple by the name Ron & Wendy, he was a DJ turned swing club owner and she was a receptionist at a Toronto clothing manufacturer. I think she was fucking with the owner of that factory because I'd heard that after he died, she was left with a bundle.  


      Club Eros in the 1970 was one of the only operating off-premise couples clubs in Ontario and was very, very conservative to our eyes as we had then just moved here from Ottawa. In 1981 Club Eros got raided and about 160 people (we were there that night) got busted by Peel Regional Police and we each got finger printed and charged as "found-ins in a bawdy hoouse" or something along those lines.


      Ron & Wendy were charged with keeping a bawdy house and the club never ever fully recovered from that police raid. They kept operating from various locations in Mississauga until they finally gave up and closed down in the early '90's.


      Club Abstract on the other hand arrived on the scene in the late eighties. started by a fellow Sean and his GF or Fuck Buddy or wife, a woman whose name escapes me. They started their club in the basement of Norma Jean's but only lasted there for a few years. Sean sold the club at its height to a guy who owned a car repair and gas bar but that poor fellow and his wife really didn't know what they were doing so lost all their money. His wife divorced him and Sean took his money and went on to bigger and better things. Sean hooked up with some people and started the O-Zone but I had heard that he got pushed out by someone else called Sean. 


      So there you have it the story of two clubs which were on the original list but never made it to ours. 


      What do you know about any of the above?

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    • March 2, 2013 8:23:43 PM EST
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Close Encounters once run by Vanda & Eric has been closed for over 2 years now


      Sinful and Indulgence are one in the same club in Oshawa (Sinful Indulgence run by Tammy)


      Plume Noir was to open at J J's Inn in Etobicoke but never got off the ground


      Club 2250 closed in Burlington, moved to Brantford and now has merged with M4 (menage a quatre)


      The Suite in Windsor closed


      Kimmies Party - Realize Your Fantasies

    • March 3, 2013 10:11:41 AM EST
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Thank you KimmiesParty  I eliminated the clubs you've reported closed. 


      If anyone else has any facts, stories, gossip or news about any of the others. It is posted as a service to our users afterall. 


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    • March 6, 2013 5:15:59 AM EST
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      One of our users, emailed the article below which appeared in the GRID a Toronto alternative weekly.

      A Peek Inside the almost famous  Oasis Aqualounge 


      MON FEB 25, 2013

      SEXUALITY What happens inside a sex club? Well, sex, duh. But a visit to four local love-nests also reveals that friendly conversation is as much of an attraction for regulars.


      On a recent Friday night at Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto, everyone is either naked or half-naked. As reggae music plays in the background, everyone is laughing, the hot tub is full, and the bar is busy. No one even flinches as people in towels pass the dancefloor and head upstairs, where more half-naked friends await them. This is a regular night at most local sex clubs, where many people come to do just that: have sex anywhere they like, all while people nearby continue their conversation amid echoing moans and spankings. What most might not realize, however, is that some patrons are actually more concerned with having a conversation than having sex, and many come just come to Jana Matthews, owner of Oasis Aqualounge. watch or be part of a friendly atmosphere. “There are nights where there’s lots of people having sex together, and it is kind of an orgy,” says “But there are lots of nights where nobody swings.” Matthews says some visitors are voyeurs, while others are nudists who just want to express themselves without judgment. Some people go just because they want to make friends without the intention of having wild, crazy sex within the first few minutes. “There’s usually non-sexual places within these clubs, so if you just want to go and meet sex-positive people that’s great,” says Dr. Stephen De Wit, a sexologist based in Toronto.


      People who have never been to a sex club might get the idea that it’s an STD-ridden, amoral sex cave, but regulars protest this stereotype. “The biggest misconception is that it’s dirty, sleazy, and full of depraved people,” says Trisha, a member of Oasis who wouldn’t give her full name. “It’s not that at all. It’s respectful, clean, and a great place to have a drink.” Trisha, like other sex-club members, praises the strict no-tolerance policies: If you insist on talking to someone who’s rejected you once, you’ll get kicked out. Matt (who also didn’t want his full name used), the manager of Menage a Quatre club in Etobicoke, believes this is what separates sex clubs from non-sex clubs. “As a girl at a regular club, you’re getting harassed, you’re getting grabbed and you’re getting pulled,” he says. “That really doesn’t happen here.” In fact, many people who come to sex clubs are couples in committed relationships. In an internal survey of about 300 members by Oasis, 46 per cent were married. The club can be an opportunity for them to join other couples, or just go into a separate, private room—a closed door of any room means no one is allowed to enter. “If they’re really solid in their relationship, and they’re really well connected and there’s a lot of stability, it can be great,” says De Wit of married patrons. But he cautions against trying to use sex clubs to spice up a broken relationship. “If you’re trying to fix something that’s broken, or if one partner’s questioning another in the relationship, it can be treacherous territory.” De Wit says communication is the most important thing that needs to be established before visiting any sex club. “There’s a healthy way to approach sex clubs where you’re honouring the relationship, there’s a ton of communication that happens, and it serves the couple well.”


      As businesses, sex clubs aren’t regulated by the City of Toronto for their activities. “That’s not a business that’s required to be licensed, because they don’t meet the standards of an adult-entertainment parlour, which has licensed burlesque dancers,” says Scott Sullivan, a supervisor with Toronto Municipal Licensing Standards.


      A Toronto Public Health inspector would not inspect clubs based on their standards of cleanliness, such as ensuring sheets and furniture are clean or condoms are available, but would visit if the club serves food to ensure it is handled in a clean matter. Despite the lack of licensing, club operators insist they are clean and safe—customers wouldn’t return if they felt the place was dirty. “As an employee, if you’re not willing to say, ‘I can have sex on this bed,’ then it doesn’t pass the test,” says Matt.


      A TORONTO SEX-CLUB PRIMER If you’re looking to visit a sex club for the first time, here are four in Toronto that cater to a variety of crowds. In all of the clubs, sex is permitted pretty much anywhere. Prices vary each night. (Saturday prices are presented below.) Oasis Aqualounge, 231 Mutual St., #CHS $80 a couple, $20 for a single female. Single men not permitted on Saturdays. This club has the most relaxed atmosphere. It features a completely hardwood first floor, spotlights, a hot tub, and heated outdoor pool. The music isn’t too loud (making the space ideal for socializing) and the staff is really engaging. On the second floor, you’ll find naked patrons sprawled on leather beds, watching porn, and hanging out by the bar. Disinfectant wipes (for easy cleaning) can be found everywhere, and one of their most fun features is their ’60s-themed “shag room.” There’s a large and well-equipped dungeon where patrons can be spanked, whippedm and tied and, on the third floor, there’s only a single private room with a king-sized bed and a mirror in front, so you can watch yourself. Once you buy a pass, you can have, ahem, in-and-out privileges for the whole night.

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    • March 23, 2013 7:22:02 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Thanks KimmiesParty for the info we've deleted the lifestyle mansion club from our listing.

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    • April 27, 2013 8:51:24 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Many clubs were started with great intentions and little knowledge. Abstract was an example of a club that became very popular very fast and was gone almost as fast. I am curious if the very popular B&B house parties in Cambridge will survive if they make the transition to a public venue. Right now it is still an E mail invite and recomendations from freinds but growing. The good thing about private invite parties is that those people that complain about everything and everyone, don't get invited back to spoil the fun for the people that came to party. 

    • April 27, 2013 12:27:18 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      TUE JAN 24, 2012
      Dinner with benefits
      Because no one wants to engage in a night of partner-swapping sexcapades on an empty stomach, Wicked Club has introduced a dinner menu—but you don’t have to be a swinger to enjoy it.


      “We’ve got showers, beds down the hall and over here are the glory holes,” says staffer Alex while giving a tour of the second floor of the hedonistic Wicked club on West Queen West. He speaks of the dungeon (complimentary handcuffs provided) and rooms with one-way mirrors in a tone similar to a realtor describing a one-bath/two-bedroom condo. Earlier, he was telling me about their homemade ravioli while taking my order at Wicked’s downstairs restaurant (but more on that later).

      I was there at midnight but, since it was a blustery Thursday in the middle of January, there were only two twenty-something couples hanging out at the bar that night. They all had towels around their waists, though one couple kept their jackets on since it was -7°C outside. (Thankfully, there’s a hot tub in the middle of the room.)
      A bubbly, bustier-clad server was cracking jokes behind the bar while a svelte dancer in black heels and panties bopped along to a remix of “Super Bass,” her pale skin given a pink glow from the red lights overhead. Had she been wearing a proper top—and there not been a dozen beds in the back—the scene wouldn’t seem much different than that of any other nightclub with go-go dancers and patrons looking to get into each other’s pants.

      Wicked has fascinated Torontonians since husband and wife Shlomo and Aurora Benzion opened the members-only swingers’ club on West Queen West in 2006. (Its original location was at the corner of Church and Richmond two years prior.) In fact, framed newspaper and magazine clippings hang along the stairwell leading up to Wicked’s second floor, aptly named Shlomo’s Penthouse, where all the “playing” happens. While many articles have been written about the club over the past five years, they all pretty much tell the same story: Wicked is a controlled environment where people live out their sexual fantasies, and not a skeezy free-for-all flesh pile where everything reeks of a cum-encrusted middle-age crisis.

      “We advertise openly, have a big sign outside and have always been open to the media,” Shlomo says over espressos at the bar on the main floor. “The more open and more normal we make the hedonistic lifestyle look, it’ll become more accepted in society.”
      Born in Israel and raised in Argentina, Shlomo was a personal trainer and aspiring actor before becoming a club owner (though he recently appeared in two episodes of the TV series Body Language, directed by Zalman King of Red Shoe Diaries infamy). When he came to Canada a decade ago, he started to host private parties here and there for the hedonistic community. But after a 2005 Supreme Court of Canada decision declaring that swingers clubs were legal and not a threat to public decency, Wicked came to the forefront, catering to young professionals in their mid-20s to late-30s looking to swap partners, engage in threesomes or just be voyeurs.

      “We have people coming in from Cambridge, Hamilton, Barrie, Montreal, Michigan, New York—a lot of people from the states where laws are more strict,” he said. “They’re CEOs, designers, lawyers, doctors and Hollywood actors who come during TIFF or when they’re in town shooting a movie. We’re not forcing people to do anything. You have to ask for permission before you touch anyone and we encourage safe sex. Everyone’s respectful and knows that no means no.”
      Still, to make walking through the club’s doors less intimidating for the curious, Wicked introduced an open-to-the-public dinner service six months ago in its first-floor bar and dance club.

      “Our clients wanted to have a meal before going upstairs and didn’t want to drive around trying to find parking at another restaurant,” Shlomo explains. “Also, a lot of people who are more mainstream and haven’t been here before needed an excuse to come here. They can come here for dinner and enjoy a cabaret show. In my experience, a lot of them stay and ask to see what it’s like upstairs, which they are welcome to. Some also come in for dinner at seven and leave right after.”
      Such as my friend Jess, who lives in the neighbourhood and insisted on eating here after she saw the electronic menu outside of Wicked. Among the dishes advertised: beef empanadas with Yukon gold potatoes and sweet chili sauce; beef tenderloin with roasted mushrooms and chimichurri sauce; and Portobello mushroom caps with spicy Argentinean sausage and provolone. All of the food is made from scratch, save the desserts. During our visit, the chocolate tart came from Dufflet, but the chef has taken upon himself to add a swirl of chocolate sauce, a dusting of cocoa powder and a fruit compote on the side.

      The restaurant, called the W Cabaret, is exactly how one would imagine Urban Outfitters would tackle the set of Moulin Rouge: Black walls, blood-red drapery, glass chandeliers, ornate gold mirrors and white couches reminiscent of the Korova Milk Bar. Myself, Jess, her partner and two other friends seated ourselves in a corner under a glittery painting of an androgynous nude kneeling before a group of naked men wearing gorilla masks. There were signs along the walls stating “No Cameras.”
      Alex, the man who would later show me the wall of glory holes, was our server. “You have to try the ravioli,” he says. “We make it here. It’s my favourite—if you don’t like it, I’ll pay for it.” The coaster-sized raviolis filled with veal shoulder are like little pillows and have that homey, unevenly cut edge. Not bad. The grilled squares of provolone, the spicy empanadas and garlicky flatbreads are ideal party foods. And in the spirit of our setting, we share a plate of oysters, topped with diced tomatoes, cilantro and a squeeze of lime.

      Meanwhile, a lingerie-clad dancer contorts, arches and stretches on the chair and vanity in a boudoir set on the main stage. The smoke machine is activated and green lasers shoot in every direction. Even though there were only five of us in the building, it was an elaborate production.
      “Our dancers are trained in jazz, ballet, modern,” Shlomo later tells me. “We hold auditions with our in-house choreographer. They can’t just shake their butts here. They actually spent three hours the other day rehearsing for our Valentine’s Day show.”
      Upon paying our bill, Alex gives each of us a one-time pass to the upstairs den and the dancer bids us goodnight. Next time, I’ll be sure to go for the tenderloins.

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    • June 9, 2013 7:31:58 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      There are 22 clubs listed in the above directory.
      Which one(s) is your preferred club to visit. Which is the best and which is the worst? In your opinion, of course:)

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    • June 9, 2013 8:20:36 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Just heard of another NEW (?) swing club in Toronto's Etobicoke suburb. It's called Mimi's and sits right across the street from M4. . . I wonder if that was a deliberate move or just an opportune one?


      Has anyone been? Any reports on it?


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    • June 9, 2013 8:37:09 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      I checked out their website. When you link to their Facebook and Twitter pages there is no activity much after spring of 2012. Has the place gone under or is it still operating? Their site is scant on info but it does say there is an event on June 22....but could that have been last year like the other stuff last seen from them?

    • August 1, 2013 5:44:12 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Not listed anywhere I know are the Condo Parties scheduled on a regular basis by Big T and Frenchy-Lu. They do advertise their monthly do on this site.

      Posted by tlu4u - #Please call (416) 859-4499 for reservation and information
      Send Message
      Location: Toronto, On [map]
      Next Private Condo Party - ** Stay Tuned for the next date **

      Region: Toronto

      These Rendez-Vous On-Premise Condo Parties®, are hosted by T-Lu, a.k.a. Big T and Frenchie Lu, in an upscale penthouse suite from 8:30pm to 12:30am.

      You can reach us at (416) 859-4499.

      For more information, you can email us at

      Come experience a Private Sex Party and expect an edgy vibe.
      Perfect for people who like meeting people with fun in mind, and enjoy to play with others in an erotic and a very comfortable setting & safe environment.
      We are running these parties like a fine Hotel and we have all the amenities that a woman dreams about, including fresh linens, towels, etc.
      You'll be greeted special & you'll be treated with respect.
      The audience mix will be different for each private sex party; arrive early to mix and mingle with the crowd and get to know the people.

      Big T will make sure that each man is specially selected and the ratio for single gents established according the desire expressed by the couples who already reserved.
      The single ladies are accepted without any limits.
      Your pleasure comes first at T-Lu's party; we will ensure to be maintaining the same etiquette, good manners, full respect and NO means NO at all of our Private Condo Party.

      Snick snacks and refreshments are served. It's B.Y.O.B. if you drink alcoholic beverages.

      Male/Female Couple $50.
      Single Gal, only $10.
      Single approved Gent* $100.
      *Single Gents need to be pre-approved by calling Big T at (416) 859-4499.

      " RESERVATIONS and contributions in advance are absolutely essential! ".
      1 - You must reserve by calling Frenchie Lu or Big T at (416) 859-4499.
      The exact address will be forward to you upon reservation (there are lots of visitors parking available at the property).
      **Single Gents need to be pre-approved by calling Big T at (416) 859-4499 before making the Contribution.**

      2 - You can make your contribution:
      - ** Via DIRECT DEPOSIT ** at your nearest BMO Bank of Montreal
      - Bank Account Name is: T-Lu.
      - Branch # 03892, Account # 8236-813.
      - ** Via Email Money Transfer **
      - Recipient Name: T-Lu
      - Recipient Email Address:
      You MUST send an email to T-Lu at, with the correct and exact spelling Security Question & Security Response you created,
      + the Name you are using for your registration & Phone number(s)
      and then you will receive the address of the events.

      - ** Last minute decision **: CALL for instructions.
      We'll be looking to meet you all soon at our fabulous Private On-Premise Condo Parties.
      Big T & Frenchie Lu

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    • August 2, 2013 5:28:22 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Someone recently talked about some adult theatre in Brampton where some sexual activity is alleged. Can anyone shed more light on this or at the least provide some details.

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    • August 3, 2013 12:25:29 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      I went to my first HedoinTO party last night at Jay Jay's - Karibana Krussh 2013. I got there around 11 and was warmly greeted at the door. Although the doors opened at 9 there were very few people in attendence. People kept trickling in for the next hour or so, but not the crowd that had been hoped for. The hosts and organizers were all very friendly (hmmm.... do you suppose they took note from a certain care team... Smile ) And believe it or not, I think I saw a first for a lifestyle club - I counted more single females than single males!! Surprised The DJ definitely knew how to play strong sensual music that kep the dance floor going, despite the low numbers, BUT kept it to a level where we were still able to talk to others and be heard.


      There was a photographer in attendance who will do professional photos for lifestyles - some very erotic but tasteful examples. I told him about this website. Hope he puts some of his work up for us to see and perhaps decide we need some better pictures.


      The venue, Jay Jay's (formerly Mimi's - formally The Suite - formally etc. etc.) is absolutely amazing. Each re-incarnation has added more amenities. The main level is gorgeous with primarily red lighting and comfortable leather seating. Upstairs, the play areas were well laid out and everything was sparkling clean. David & Ruthy, if you ever decide to open another club - this would be an amazing spot!! I kept picturing this venue at the old SweetCheeks location with the sensual crowds we used to have. WOW, I am getting hot & wet, just thinking about it....


      Of course, we would have to import Paul & Hardy - gotta have great bartenders!! Because that was the one main problem of the night. There was only one bartender and she had one speed - slow... She was simply overwhelmed and not able to keep track of who was next in line. I waited through 3 songs to get a drink - finally walked away without one. I went back 30 minutes later, stood at the bar with a $20 bill in my hand for 5 minutes - there were 6 of us waiting to order a drink at that point - when without a word she left from behind the bar and proceeded to bus some of the tables and collect the empties (glasses & bottles). I never did get my drink as I decided that it was time for me to call it a night.


      Try something once; twice if you like it and three times to make sure!!!

    • August 3, 2013 10:31:18 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Is that located pretty much right across from M4?

      Have not heard anything much about it until you gave us a run down on it. What a shame all of the lifestyle places are in the west end and we are in the east. It's already hard enough to convince hubby to go out without it being a "road trip".

    • August 4, 2013 7:01:00 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      HedoinTO only host a few parties every year - in the past they have used a number of different venues. 


      Jay Jays is located on Lakeshore, a few blocks east of Islington. And yes Sandrea, it is in west TO, but it is no more of a road trip for you than it is for many of us who come into TO from Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and beyond. Come to think of it, I commute to downtown TO every day - what's the big deal?


      Try something once; twice if you like it and three times to make sure!!!

    • August 4, 2013 9:13:06 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Classy. . . What I seem to be reading from your description, is that Mimi's has morphed into a service called Jay Jay's which was hosting another service called Hedoin which offers lifestyle parties just a few times per year. All in that rooming house which is across the street from M4. Is that correct???

      If that is true, and all of these services (clubs) have failed to make a success at this location, you just gotta ask the question: Is the failure of ALL these services at that location, the fault of the location, or the fault of the people running the services?

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    • August 4, 2013 9:50:59 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      From what I understand from posts on various message boards over the years is that Jay Jays was originally a strip club. They tried to open as a lifestyle club, but ran into some issues over promoting their new club from some bought or pirated (I'm not sure what the final verdict was) email addressess. As a result, the club never really got off the ground. Since then it there have been others who have tried, but not succeeded in running a club there. Now it appears to be used by those groups who only hold occasional special events. Given that the location is in the same general vicinity of two other presently or formally successful clubs (M4 & Club Hers) and that the venue itself is gorgeous & well laid out; I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusions....


      Try something once; twice if you like it and three times to make sure!!!

    • August 4, 2013 10:16:39 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Alas, your response gives too little information for me to draw any conclusion. And, the term gorgeous is very subjective and only has meaning to the individual user. Other factors, like being on the "wrong" side of the street, or any number of other factors could have to do with the failings of this gorgeous location.
      We haven't been to that stretch of Lakeshore in years but vaguely remember it as being a shabby corner building on the south side of the street and diagonally across the street from M4.
      So, while I suspect the frequent failings are the fault of the various, inconsistent, weak managers who operated these various clubs, it could just be that given one well run club right across the street, the customer preferred the busy, known M4 to an unknown and like you said sparsely attended and poorly served gorgeous location.

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    • August 4, 2013 1:00:24 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      DavidMuller said:
      Someone recently talked about some adult theatre in Brampton where some sexual activity is alleged. Can anyone shed more light on this or at the least provide some details.

      That would be Swing Shift.  There's a good review here:

      Never been myself.

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    • August 4, 2013 2:08:18 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Thank you FanofChad for the link to the discussion board of Nakedworld and the discussion of Swing Shift Adult Theater located on Yonge north of Major Mackenzie.

      Some thoughts on what to expect at your friendly neighbourhood ‘glory hole


        On Family Day, 2010, we finally had the opportunity to check out the establishment thatKinkybicpl (and others...) are referring to - SwingShift on Yonge Street, just north of Major MacKenzie Drive in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  As a couple in which the male is veryveryorally 'bi', and the female gets a great deal of pleasure out of watching her guy suck cock and frequently 'sharing' with him, it sounded as though it would be a little piece of paradise.  As such, we'd been intending to go there ever since learning of that store's existence several months ago, but we just never seemed to find the time until recently.


        It's ostensibly an Adult video store, and while it's possible that they rent movies for home viewing, that's likely to be an extremely small part of the business, since at least 90% of their modest film selection is still being offered on VHS cassette (remember those from History class, boys and girls?).  No, the true raison dêtre for that place is as an Adult theatre/bisexual guy 'playground'.  All those filthy movies you see when you walk in are intended for in-store use, to be watched in one of three 'private viewing rooms', located just up a short flight of stairs from the main entrance.  The idea is that you select your film, pay 10$ to the friendly staffer on duty, then 'check in' to one of the rooms.  We didn't have the opportunity to examine any of the other rooms, but 'Number 1' is roughly 12' x 10', and contains a small, narrow sofa (not really useful for intercourse, unless you move it out from the wall and drape your fuck-buddy over the back of it...), a very comfortable easy chair, a pair of office chairs, a television and VCR.  For your convenience, there are also several handy boxes of tissue scattered about.  By far though, the most intriguing feature is the 'glory hole', located about 3' off the ground, in the middle of the East wall, and tastefully disguised by a floral arrangement on a pedestal.  Once you're comfortably 'settled' into that room and have presumably gotten all 'worked up' and horny by viewing your naughty tape, you can indicate to the world that you're 'open for business' by moving the flowers and stand, and maybe positioning a suitably (appropriate for what you're about to do...) low chair in front of the opening, unless of course, you've remembered to bring kneepads along.  Wink  At that point, you also need to indicate to the S.S. employee on duty that you're 'interested in meeting some new people', and he/she will make a point of directing guys to the storage area on the far side of your hole.  While there are no guarantees of course (and please clearly understand that the management is walking a very fine 'legal tightrope' here; they're trying to facilitate 'good times' while simultaneously 'turning a blind eye', in the interest of keeping the Crown off their backs), with any luck, you'll soon find cock aftercock after cock emerging through that hole in a sort of 'all-you-can-suck buffet'.  At least, that's how it's supposed to work - on a holiday Monday evening, we only had one 'customer' over a two hour span – on the bright side though, that inactivity afforded us the opportunity to have an extended ‘chat’ with B., the owner, a friendly and warm individual who quickly made us feel comfortable and welcome, and addressed all of our concerns/questions in a patient and thorough manner.  The staff was quick to assure us that we had come on an unusually slow night, and that we'd probably have better future (suck)cess if we called them a day or two in advance so they could 'put the word out' to their 'regulars'.  Alternately, you can advise people of an upcumming visit using this forum (as Kinkybicpldoes...), or on your ad (which SwingShift does on their hugely-popular AdultFriendFinder profile, at least when the infamous 'Velvet' is available...), or possibly both, which we intend to do, in the hope of getting the biggest possible turnout. 


        If you prefer the ‘laid back’ approach, another choice is to simply leave your room’s door partly open, which is a signal to others that you might be interested in having ‘company’. Guys (although this may apply to couples as well) then pay the ‘house’ 5$ for the right to join you, which could lead to the wonderfully promiscuous scenario in which one of you ‘entertains’ at the ‘glory hole’, while your partner has fun with the ‘walk in traffic’.  Ideally, that’s what we’re aiming for the next time we go, but we’re just not sure how much cumtwo people can swallow.  Care to help us find out?  Surprised


        Now if you're not the self-conscious type, S.Salso offers a couple of theatres for your viewing pleasure - one (ten seat) 'gay' and one (eighteen seat) 'bi' - access to either or both (you can move freely between them...) will cost you 10$ and you can select that option independently of buying a room, if you prefer that 'scene'.  Since we're a F/M couple, and women aren't allowed in the 'gay' area, our exploration was limited to the 'bi' theatre.  We spent a grand total of ten minutes there, in the company of four or five guys, but since we weren't comfortable with that setting, we opted for a room, which S.S. provided gratis since we were 'newbies' and a certain amount of indecision was to be expected.  While we didn't manage to see it for ourselves, apparently sexual activity is fully condoned in that area as well, though it seems unlikely that you'd ever see anything other than blowjobs happening there, due mainly to the challenges posed by trying to balance on portable chairs while doing anything more ambitious than sucking cock.  If you're lightweight, have fantasticbalance, and are most definitely not shy then go for it!!!  Otherwise, stick with the rooms, or check out M4 in Toronto on a Wednesday or Sunday night - you'll find lots of 'bi' guys there too, the setting's far more comfortable and 'upscale' (without being pretentious...), and it's free for couples on those nights (single guys pay 40$).


        In conclusion, SwingShift offers a very enjoyable experience, at least for ‘bi’ guys, and is a screaming bargain at that.  The mood is a bit tawdry and down-at-the-edges, but if all you’re searching for is a nice selection of cocks to suck, you should be well-served.  You just need to bear in mind that it’s clearly a place that was set up mainly by (‘bi?) ‘bi’ guys for ‘bi’ guys, and as such, the atmosphere reflects those sensibilities.  It’s also worth remembering that you get what you pay for.  Women visiting this place in hopes of receiving pleasure may be disappointed; none of the furniture that we noticed seems to be at all suitable for pussy-eating, much less (as mentioned previouslyfucking.  Those activities are certainly possible, just not with any great degree of comfort.


        We hope you enjoyed our ‘review’ and welcome your comments.  Perhaps we’ll see some of you later  Wink


      I am attaching an excellent review of the theatre above.

    • August 23, 2013 11:02:14 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      As I look around the sex club scene in the GTA I have concluded that there only three couples clubs in the GTA which are of any consequence.


      The first. Number one in the GTA is Menage a Quatre or M4 as it is known, in Etobicoke. It operates on seven nights of the week. Seems to have a strong, active group of club & website hosts. and has the highest ranking website. 


      The second. In my mind the number two sex club in the GTA is Oasis Aqualounge who are located in a stately Victorian house on College street near Church street. What set them apart from all the others is their backyard heated pool specially in the summer months. They also operate on a number of nights of the week. They have the balls to charge an admission fee high enough that you can be sure their sheets are clean. $80 per couple.


      The third. And I'm only judging from the chatter on forum boards and email news, the number #3 sex club is The Ozone, which is also tied into Hedo North a camground for consenting adults. The Ozone is located just off airport road out by the airport the street is Stoufel in their own ranch style building with a large parking lot. 


      That's it! As I see it. There are many in the GTA in my opinion these three are the only ones which count and where good care of the cutomer is an imperative.



      What about Happy Hedonist you ask? Or, Club Wicked?  Or even Club X in Mississauga Are any of them relevant? 


      Becoming less and less relevant and an also-ran, is the rapidly deteriorating  Happy Hedonist the club Ruthy and I opened in 1995 at Sweet Cheeks Bar & Grill, Then bored to tears with the same, of being there every Friday & Saturday night, we sold the club & website to Paul & Hardy Sawhney. They relocated the club to Norma Jean's on Dixie Road, in Mississauga and with all the extra space, the basement on-premise space and including their secluded patio. . . Personally I think they bit off more than they could chew. . .Well, the best we can say sitting downtown and judging from a distance, the reviews are mixed at best. Would you believe it that since the day we successfully sold the club, Ruthy nor I have visited any sex clubs at all. It's really a pity, that Paul & Hardy didn't look to us for more guidance. They are really nice guys but young and very proud. Perhaps too proud. If only they understood the social aspects of the hospitality industry in which they operate. But when it comes to operating an on-premise swing club, they don't really have a clue. But worse in their attempts to milk the most dollars from what they bought they have surrounded themselves with a really low class host group.


      As for Club Wicked, you can read more about them in this forum, where they have their very own thread. Shlomo & Aroura Ben Zion or Slow-Mo & Aroma, as I began calling them, are probably my least favorite people I ever had the misfortunate to meet. Apparently, many others in the GTA have felt the same. Their club on Queen street west has been variously described as "Sleaze combined with K-Mart meets Las Vegas" and they apparently charge wht they can get away with. I've been told that they are opening another club in Argentina havinf failed miserably in Montreal. . . . Good Luck to them.


      As far as, Club X on Matheson Street in Missauga, well I have not heard much good about them since they started getting confused about what market they cater. One day they are a teen dance club then they are a supper club. Anoher day they are an on-premise swingers club.


      So, there you have it. Even though we have 22 or 23 sex services listed in the Ontario sex club thread, these four are the only ones which count today.


      Please tell me if you agree or not.

      This post was edited by DavidMuller at August 25, 2013 10:17:58 AM EDT ____________________________________
      If you think you can or you think you can't ~ YOU'RE RIGHT.
    • August 25, 2013 10:25:34 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Please contribute your own views and opinions to this thread. I know I am very opinionated but I also value the opinions of others. If you agree with me or find this thread useful. . . Please tell me and others, I will be really pleased and so will other readers.


      If you think I am wrong and you want to argue or post your own point of view. Please do so. I may reply or not but I will appreciate and thank you for your input.

      If you think you can or you think you can't ~ YOU'RE RIGHT.
    • August 27, 2013 2:58:21 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      No-body have anything to say, this is the most read thread on the website and nobody has even said Thank you.

      If you think you can or you think you can't ~ YOU'RE RIGHT.
    • August 27, 2013 3:23:26 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Sandra, no. The thread Ontario Sex Clubs has close to 15,000 views. While the next most visited thread is a sex story by MsBeth with close to 5,000 views.
      After that the number of views rapidly diminish.

      It's the Internet and Google searches. When you punch in Ontario sex club or Ontario swingers clubs or variations like that Club-Privé.com comes up at # 1 spot.
      That is a pretty popular search term. As is slut wife which MsBeth has used as a title for the stories she's writing.
      SEO or search engine optimization is a highly rewarding career that few of the experts really know anything about.

      This post was edited by DavidMuller at August 27, 2013 3:29:09 PM EDT ____________________________________
      If you think you can or you think you can't ~ YOU'RE RIGHT.
    • August 28, 2013 10:03:43 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      A headline in The Star today talks about a club at 1032 Queen St. W. and all the neighbours complaints. Lo and behold it is Wicked which has been renovated and renamed Play. No clues on their website forums. Could not access the article in full as The Star online is now a pay site and I don't have a subscription. If anyone reading this does, please post a link to the item.

    • August 28, 2013 10:37:48 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Here is the artice by Marc Ellison Staff Reporter:

      Broken down by sleep deprivation and auditory overload, Adrienne Barnes says she has been tortured for the past 10 months — in downtown Toronto.


      “My windows would rattle and I couldn’t hear my TV, the music was so atrociously loud,” she says. “It would go on from Wednesday through to Saturday nights, and I just couldn’t sleep.”

      The music from Play, a nightspot at 1032 Queen St. W. near her Queen St. and Ossington Ave. apartment, often went on past 3 a.m., Barne says.

      “I work with people who are homeless, use substances and have mental health issues,” she says. “So being overly tired, groggy and short with them isn’t really conducive to building relationships.”


      Barnes moved to the area in July 2012. She says the problems started for her after renovations finished at Play and the establishment reopened last October.

      “I’ve lived downtown for years, and so I’m used to living with noise,” Barnes says. “But this has been just a nightmare.”

      A Star analysis of 33,587 entries in Toronto’s Municipal Licensing and Standards investigations database for 2013 reveals that 1032 Queen St. W. is the fifth most-investigated property in the city, with 30 complaints. (Topping the list with 59 complaints, of all types, was an apartment building at 79 Thorncliffe Park Dr.) Play is in Ward 19, one of the two Trinity-Spadina wards that together registered the highest number of resident complaints this year.

      Across the city, 1032 Queen St. W. was second for complaints specifically about noise, with 23. That’s just behind 744 Mount Pleasant Rd. — the Seven44 Restaurant & Lounge — with 28.

      Further analysis reveals that 1032 Queen St. W. has been the subject of noise complaints dating back to September 2011.


      The rash of colour representing noise complaints in Toronto’s downtown core on the Star’s interactive map illustrates the rocky relationship between residents and business owners.

      Play’s owners, Shlomo and Aurora Benzion, say they are the victims here.

      “Businesses like ours have improved the neighbourhood,” Aurora says. “If you came down here, say seven years ago, a lot of businesses were run down, and there were crack whores and addicts on the corners.”

      But she believes there will always be ingrained prejudice against people who own a bar or restaurant. “You’re in the dock automatically, and you’re judged and found guilty no matter what you do.”

      The couple say they operate a restaurant and have spent $3,000 for a sound engineer to come in and ensure the music levels are at a legal limit.

      “There are 24-hour-a-day streetcars that make more noise than our music,” says Shlomo, who claims one resident, John Rubinstein, has generated 90 per cent of the noise complaints.

      Rubinstein says that’s not true.

      “There’s a joint community impact statement written in English about Play that had sections written and signed by 13 adults representing eight households which also incorporated seven children,” says Rubinstein.

      A second impact statement was written and signed by members of four different Portuguese-speaking households living in Play’s immediate vicinity.

      Both statements were submitted to the city’s licensing and standards division, along with noise logs kept by several of the residents.

      Kirsty Andrews says her two young daughters were regularly awakened by the establishment’s music.

      “My 9-year-old’s bedroom window directly faces the club and she’s witnessed patrons throwing up in the street, fights outside the club, nudity and screaming,” she says.

      Often she’s forced to pack up her children and take them out of town to her parents’ house just so they can get some sleep.

      “I hate that I’m driven away from my own home,” says Andrews.

      Scott Sullivan, manager of licensing enforcement for Toronto, says nine noise charges have been issued against Play in 2013 and are due to go to court this fall. If the business is found guilty the city could revoke its licence.

      According to the city’s website, playing music loud enough to disturb neighbours is prohibited between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. the next day — and till 9 a.m. on Sundays and statutory holidays.

      “But we also have other concerns about Play,” says Sullivan. “They hold a licence as an eating establishment, but we are of the belief that they are operating more as a nightclub.”

      Nightclubs are typically only permitted in Toronto’s Entertainment District, according to Sullivan.

      But Mike Layton, councillor for Ward 19, Trinity-Spadina, says the charges against Play won’t necessarily be the end of the matter.

      “Businesses treat fines as just the cost of doing business,” he says.


      So, Adrienne Barnes watches and waits.

      “I’m hoping this all comes to an end,” she says. “I love living downtown, I don’t want to move, and I’m not going to move.”

    • August 28, 2013 10:57:27 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Thank you Tallguy it is not just me who has never liked SlowMoe & Aroma. Great article for folks like me who have had personal dealings with these two carpet-baggers. He is from Argentina originally and she's from Belgium and both met in flesh pots of Tel Aviv. I think he was a pimp and she his controlling squeeze.

      Thank you for the posting

      If you think you can or you think you can't ~ YOU'RE RIGHT.
    • August 28, 2013 11:10:32 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      This Shlomo & Aurora , the owners & operators of Play/Wicked are swindlers in every sense of the word. They managed to find a loophole ( Aurora is slippery smart) & say it's all nice & legit. I speak from personal experience of doing business with them way back in 1997. As the saying goes " a leopard doesn't change it's spots".

      That the city has not shut them down yet is very sad indeed. Such a couple of shady operators.

    • August 28, 2013 11:42:52 AM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      I wonder if the local residents are even aware that the club is an on-premise lifestyle club? Betcha the neighbours would be screaming even louder (didn't one say her 9 year olds window faces the club?). Might be worth sending a note to the columnist for a follow up item he may want to write.

      This post was edited by Sandra at August 28, 2013 11:48:46 AM EDT
    • August 28, 2013 12:57:42 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      actually Sandra I think all the residents do know what it's all about, when it first opened, there was a big thing about having a club like that in that area, but the councillor at the time said it was no different then any other club, and that they wern't breaking any laws... however, as it says in the article they hold their licence based on the fact that it's a eating establishment, not a nightclub... what defence are they going to use "if you want to eat out, go upstairs"??

    • August 28, 2013 3:24:08 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      I asked the columnist if he was made aware of the on-premise nature of the club or if the owners had hidden that fact from him when they spoke. He said he knew but they wanted to just focus on the noise issue.

    • August 28, 2013 3:58:24 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      The more interesting question, for me, is why did they change the name of their enterprise from WICKED to PLAY?
      They have already developed their brand and image and all their support structure.
      What was so bad about Wicked and what is so good about Play?

      If you think you can or you think you can't ~ YOU'RE RIGHT.
    • August 28, 2013 4:19:29 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      David, I don't think they got rid of "Wicked", all they did was change the name of the bar downstairs to Play... the upstairs is still known as Wicked... I think these guys nailed it with their reviews on yelp:


      "In a word: this place SUCKS! It's got none of the cool or class of other places in the area. It's the downstairs bar for Wicked, the um.... Lifestyle club... Both places are owned by the same couple and these guys clearly have no taste. It's tacky and attracts clientele (but not too many) who look like they'd be more comfortable in the Entertainment District.... or the entertainment district 10 years ago. Or maybe the Jersey Shore.

      From what I've heard though, neither Wicked or Play are doing well and I wouldn't expect either to be around in a few months. No great loss to Toronto or Queen West!" - Jason K.




      "Arguably Toronto' silliest nightclub. It's hard to see what draws anybody to Play except for the swingers who wander down from it's upstairs sister club Wicked (definitely not for a mainstream audience). Play tries hard to be big and corporate with flashy ads and sponsored events but as soon as you get nearby you realize you're in for amateur hour. The place has only been around for less than a year and already it's looking tired and trashed: dirty, dead plants and sagging tarps outside, and interior decor that makes you worry that insects will crawl onto you and hitch a ride into your home. Service is seriously unprofessional and drinks go for the premium you expect on Richmond. It's pretty clear that Play and Wicked are on their way out and they're not even trying anymore! Time to Play? No thanks! Game over." - Leonard R.

    • August 28, 2013 5:20:27 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Again TallGuy, thank you for those excerpts from Yelp. They are very much appreciate and confirm what I wrote above

      ". . . Shlomo & Aroura Ben Zion or Slow-Mo & Aroma, as I began calling them, are probably my least favorite people. Apparently, many others in the GTA have felt the same. Their club on Queen street west has been variously described as "Sleaze combined with K-Mart meets Las Vegas" and they apparently charge whatever they can get away with."

      If you think you can or you think you can't ~ YOU'RE RIGHT.
    • August 30, 2013 1:06:16 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      This was truly an interesting read.  I can give you some input with my interstion with the club.  A couple of years ago I attended an weekend fetish event in which I purchased VIP passes which afforded me to attend all the events over the 3 days.  The Friday night party was held at Wicked.  Standing in-line waiting to get in I noticed the bouncers were selective in whom they allowed to get in. There was a fairly well known Dom and her sub whixh they declined to allow in. I would like to remind you that this was a paid event under a local promoter here in Toronto so it wasn't even one of "their" nights.  They rejected people that had purchased VIP passes from getting in.  I was dumbsruck.  I stayed for a drink and left.  I was appauled.  I contacted the promoter and he said there was nothing that he could.  I have the "wicked " couple on numerous occasions, always business related.  Each and everytime he has left a horrible feeling in my gut and I have refused to do any business with them.

      My 2 cents.....

    • August 30, 2013 1:53:12 PM EDT
    • Ontario Sex Clubs

      Here's an exchange from the home page that belongs in this thread.

      Bri0286 WOW you all must live in glass houses, S & A may not be the best or nicest people in the business and we may not like the way they over charge for drinks or run the business, some of us have been used by them but we allowed it to happen, but lets not ... read more »
      Thu at 10:28 AM

      Ruthy Ruthy Hi, I applaud that you are having your say. I've had personal experiences with Shlomo & Aurora. So can also speak with authority. I just wish you had posted it in the forum where the discussion takes place. Keep it all in one place. :-)
      Thu at 10:35 AM

      firebird I have seen first hand that Wicked discriminates against people that do not fit their standards of young and pretty people. I have seen a mid 20's gu7 get in for $60 but an older man was told it was $100. A woman was told she could get in but her older and portly husband was denied access.
      Thu at 6:23 PM

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